Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Saxe-Bearstein v Stagonia first blush


a screen shot of the tribute for Jeff

We ran an all day long game of black powder using Jeff's 18th century Saxe-Bearstein and Stagonia miniatures.

Here are a few shots from the table, there's a whole video to edit down now.

table in preparation out under the tent with room
for all 4 planned players

This was our first opportunity to gather in more than two households at a time.

Next month, July, will see a greater relaxation and more than six households can gather, 25 people even indoors with a COVID plan - though I will only be doing so in smaller groups.

Saxe-Bearstein all deployed


We broadcast the whole game on twitch:

The video will remain active for a few more weeks.

the Saxe-Bersteiners needed to escape by boat

Stagonian artillery stopped the loading of boats by turn 4

Jeff's wonderful painted minis got a small support
from my collection due to a missed unit

battle degenerated down to a slug-fest in the center

I will have a more complete set of photos and video clips coming out in July.

It was a very hot day (35 C - or more) and it was also fun to get these classic minis by Bloodaxe Miniatures, painted by Jeff on the table again.


tradgardmastare said...

Great to see his troops marching on...

Mark, Man of TIN said...

A fine and active tribute ...

Jonathan Freitag said...

A fitting tribute for a fallen comrade.

nundanket said...

It’s great to see these models live on. It’s clear Jeff is fondly remembered.

James Fisher said...

That would have been quite moving for all, I am sure. A fitting tribute as others have said and just what we all want; for our figures to be valued and used after we have gone.
Regards, James