Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In an effort to break out from my 'shell' and begin a new chapter in cyberspace I have taken the plunge into the bloggosphere.

This blog will center around my tabletop games hobby.

For the moment that hobby is dominated by Napoleonics.

So I shall start with trying to explain why, more for myself than anyone else.

I think I have set upon Napoleonics for a number of reasons:

I - The period is one of rapid change in military matters, where technology had somewhat less of an impact than 'innovation' and new combinations of ideas and technology that existed before.
II - Significant military plans and strategic system were developed during the period that still exist today (though much more refined and modified).
III - The tabletop presentation is full of color and the units are of such simplicity, Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery; that most casual observers can still follow the action with relatively little difficulty.
IV - The period of history is one of dynamic personalities, and has been recorded with some care. This makes re-creating these persons and events more interesting as there are a number of sources to turn to for inspiration.
V - I have found that, since starting on my own casting of miniatures, the creation of 'masses' of troops makes for a very 'zen' experience in and of itself. Allowing me the 'hermit' time that an introvert like me needs.


There, a start.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Welcome to the Land of Blog, Murdock. Hopefully we will be seeing more of your game photos.

-- Jeff