Sunday, October 01, 2006

NINE Gunners short!

Arrghh! I was sure that I had done all the French for the Auerstadt game!

I have laid out all the troops for the Auerstadt Playtest later today, only to find I am 2 French Horse Guns (in progress for painting as Guard Horse Artillery for EYLAU - I did not note that they were needed at Auerstadt) and 9 Gunners short (the French III Corps were using a captured Austrian piece from Austerlitz). So now I need at least 9 Horse Gunners (6 to crew the two pieces in progress and 3 more to 'free-up' three other gunners to man the Austrian gun). Frustrating, as I had thought the job done and I could concentrate on rules items and table presentation materials.

No matter the gunners are here, and all I need to do is clean and base coat them in the next week in order to paint them in the week following. In fact if all goes well I might even have them done for next sunday?


Bluebear Jeff said...

Obviously, those gunners were under an officer named Murphy . . . and his word is LAW.

Well, this is what playtests are for . . . to find out what's wrong.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

That figures, though how an Irish Catholic exile managed to command French Horse Artillery is beyond me. Must be part of MacDonald's command?

See you later.