Saturday, October 07, 2006

Still Blazing Brushes!

So the 9 Horse Gunners are done, gloss coated about 5 hours ago and I have been working on paper details missing for the Auerstadt Game.

The final effect of Bluebear Jeff's method of 'fast horses' was great, combined with a bit of extra brushwork in getting the harness, manes and tails also painted in black along with some 'stockings'. Combined with the gloss coating of minwax (pecan finish) they are looking shiny!

I even managed to finish off the two French Horse Guns and gloss varnished then as well.

So tomorrow morning the flocking of everybody, from the old division (see September 2006 postings) to the current 9 horsegunners, 14 draught horses, 2 galloper guns and a Horse Arty officer will get their grass flocking in the morning.

A final set of cards, these are to be used in conjunction with a set of 'envelopes' which hold the details of special random events that can effect the outcome of the battle and give the correct 'feel' to the 'fog of war' (or better yet hydra-headed command structure that the Prussians in 1806 had going).


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