Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trumpeter Salute 2017

Whew!  What a month!

This past April saw two main convention events and an Easter Festival that I was part of the organizing group.

So now I shall quickly summarize the Salute 2017 in Burnaby this past month.

main room

main room

main room

Doug Hamm's Lion Rampant

fabulous chariot races

Star Fleet Battles (with excellent models)
cool stackable terrain for Battletech

closeup of Battletech terrain

Naval games using a table so large that players needed to climb onto the table!
I put on my Hundred Days Campaign, starting with a huge skirmish battle:

skirmish battle in action, thanks to Rene Charbonneau in playing the battle out
Then running the battle with commanders busy in other games while the strategic situation moved forward.

strategic map that Saturday morning

battle developed around Braine Le Compte

Bonaparte was there

The table was coated and I maxed out my 3" square metal bases

My Opponent turned out to have been a playtester for Fast Play Grande Armee and the final version BLUCHER

battle near the end

Anglo-Dutch could not hold back the Imperial Guard cavalry

the immense table was covered in more of my minis than any before

In order to get the Prussians into the battle I needed to 'improvise' new 3" stands

the carnage was immense
I played out a huge battle from 3 pm to 10 pm that day and had a series of excellent game design discussions.

we ended the day with big smiles all round
Other games that Saturday:

connection with old friends like Francis of Imperial Hobbies
more Battletech
Bolt Action
Pulp Alley - an award winning display

using cards Pulp Alley moves fast

the setup was a Mad Max like encounter in a post-holocaust world
Doug Hamm's Napoleonic battle

lots of Russians
Vimy was the feature game for the Saturday mid-day time slot

Truly a mammoth work

with attention to detail done well all along the way ...
Wooden ships & Iron Men

With lovely models
the ever-present Canvas Eagles
my eldest son even used a bunch of my terrain to run a role play game

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Simply Magnificent!

Not Just Old School Wargaming has the most magnificent After Action Report from the 1:3 (yes you read that right 1 to 3) scale game that was run for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo.

The full AAR has even more photos and links to the rules system that the lads used to run the game.

Here are a few eye candy samples:

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Going to a show or convention with purpose

not just random happenstance
So a few weeks ago I asked, "What is the purpose for attending the games show, demonstration games?"  From the hobbyist standpoint.

Now I shall reveal some of my own thoughts and observations on the matter.

Going to a show with no plan to at least play in one particular game is asking the event to find you something in serendipity.  While this can be fun and I certainly have done this in the past, I could not recommend this now, for I have to ration the time and resources (especially funds) that I put towards these events.

That means that I shall go with a particular purpose in mind.

The principle reason for going to a show for me is to get into or host a game that I cannot be part of in any way at home.  If I could run the same game at my kitchen table or friend's basement I just do not see the reason to waste the time and effort of moving out all the minis and terrain and other bits and bobs when I could just as easily pick up the phone and have the game on in 20 minutes or less at home.

This means that the game(s) typically are larger in number of players or deeper into a subject battle or campaign era than I could normally do at home.  This most often involves more players than I can comfortably host at the home or friend's table(s).

For a while this meant that I really was not much motivated at all to go to shows since Jeff had an awesome setup where four to six players could easily take part, indeed we often did from 2008-12.

For my own part, in the past, I can recall really great games hosted by Kelly Jones at Salute and at Dak-Kon - a massive 1813 Hanau battle with 7 players on a 16'x9' table and so many Pirate and ole west town battles that the gun-smoke could hardly clear before the next 8 players were at the table ready to go again.

Hundred Days Map that players will have
Now I plan to run a Hundred Days Campaign over a Friday night and all day Saturday at this year's Salute, I have the minis prepared and a strategic map in 4'x6' full color ready to take on two tables in this year's event.  My aim is to both have the 3+ players AND go deep into the subject matter with a strategic part and a tactical element to test mind and body of the players.

I plan to have skirmish battles on Friday, when the kibitzing and talking tend to have higher priority then roll into larger tabletop actions on Saturday when the players tend to want more serious action.

May your next game have a full slate of players!  Game on!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Warr Without An Enemie - pickup game

There came the occasion to present the English Civil War to a new player via the Warr Without An Enemie rules set.

So I pulled out the rule-book about 30 minutes before he would arrive and rolled up the two forces, we then diced using the tabletop generation system from SHAKO for the European continent.

This set up a few woods, hills and a towne to conflict for and about.

As this was a pickup game and a first for my opponent, I let him choose the side he wanted and took on the other, as it turns out I ended up commanding Royalists.

battlefield layout, Royalists to the left and Parliament to the right

Parliamentary lines

Royalists at the ready (yes I know most of my troops are actually Parliamentary save for the Welsh at the moment)

So we had at it.

I learned that dragoons well situated in a collection of buildings are very nearly impregnable as only another troop of dragoons are the only ones that could really break them up.

In the early going the Parliament sought to run a column of pike and shotte into the town, which were promptly cut to ribbons.

Lines in turn 2

sakers were loud on both sides

though mostly they were much ado about nothing
A couple of turns later the Parliament had decided to press with horse.

by turn 4 there was a horse tangle-brawl brewing

while in the town the dragoons were hard at it

the Royalist foote were holding, waiting for the right moment to move forward

the horse were bouncing each other back and forth ...

My opponent needed to depart on a work call so the game had to be called.
There was much interest in the subject matter and the models and we may have found the right sort of scale of action for my opponent's interest.  He has stated he wants to do another game, soon.