Thursday, October 19, 2006

AUERSTÄDT, A look back #2:

Now having looked at the pictures (nearly 100 of them) and notes from the game, I still have not re-sorted all the troops as we were pressed for time to wrap-up the game and so everyone had to just get into a drawer and be carried out higgledy piggledy; I have a few more pics to share and some more satisfaction to draw from the event.

First off, I would like to thank Jeff for his support in the building stages, and having done the one playtest (#2) he was keen enough to play as Davout a second time, with different results - much closer to the historical ones!

Secondly the other players / generals were very patient with the two or three rulings I had to make when a situation arose regarding 'off-table' arrivals. Only a short discussion was made, with no real interruption in the play - I truly appreciate that great 'sportsmanship' when it comes to such large games.

Now a bit about these selected images:

The first is another 'overview' of the table with the actual tabletop shown in relation to the sky-cloth (which I am really pleased with) and one of the 'players' whom can be seen holding my old 'night cloth' which we used to use to cut out background...

Next a close-up of some of the action in the Prussian Center, as the Duke of Brunswick rides out to adjust command orders to an arriving Division of troops. I like this shot as it shows off the minis, the sky cloth and my cobbled together autumn/winter 'trees' quite nicely.

Then a chaos shot, the battlefield at the 'tipping point' as the Prussian center Division has failed its morale and begun to retreat. (warning this is a LARGE PICTURE it may take a moment to download if you clik it) Clearly seen here are the 'fender washers' on the bottom of some of the dead troops (whom are tipped over to lie on the table where they 'die' throughout the battle) and by looking closely at the base-stands you can see the neodymium magnets which hold the men in place when they are 'alive'. Also can be seen in the foreground on the right is an 'orders' folder under a Division Commander (indicating that he has 'recieved' the new orders). On the foreground left is an artillery battery, with smoke indicating that it has been firing for at least 3 turns (and now suffers a -1 penalty due to the extreme visibility restrictions -> but a 6 is still a 6!). In the extreme bottom left of the image is the Corps Command of Marshal Davout.

Finally the image I used to 'represent' Marshal Davout in the command summary pages and pictures.

See the full game details and more pictures at MurdockS MarauderS of the Arcadian Guild.

All in all a great game and I look forward to using the troops from this game again.

Next on the short range is a demo game at a local rec center, then a staging of a fantasy game in my own game room (recently re-modeled - ok sorted around the bits).

Long range is a continuation of the Napoleonic bi-centennials with a re-fight of EYLAU, a winter war battle at nearly 1-1 odds with what are expected to be a bloody report.



Bluebear Jeff said...

Wait a minute . . . I couldn't have played Davout. He's positively skinny -- not robustly rotund as I am. Besides, he appears to be balding . . . uh, okay . . . that sort of fits.

This was quite an undertaking and Murdock presented a very nice game. I only wish that more players could have been there to take part (and appreciate all he put into it).

Congratulations again!

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Like it a lot Murdock. always appreciate a gamer who goes the extra mile for a unique gaming experience.

Well done.

MurdocK said...

Thank you gentlemen (if anonymous is male?).