Saturday, July 13, 2019

Pulp Fantastic ... some recently finished and some pictures finally of the older collection

Some finishing works done in the past few days, now completing some more of the wonderful Pulp miniatures gifted from Jeff and a few that he did before his admission to hospital, then hospice.

singer in white
Many of these miniatures had some base coat done and some early layers of paint on them already.

boyz in da hood

my new 'dragon lady'

city gang

another gang
a pair by Jeff, that suggest a certain adventure

Man of Bronze

a certain young history professional

sword armed masked man!

Some got used at the convention, not as a league though so no pictures were made of them as a separate league.
Ooga Booga boyz

More Ooga Booga Boyz
Then some new ones done in the past few weeks, finished this weekend.

more city denizens

the Fez Gang

Man in a wheelchair ...

Ships Crew

Flying Miss (Penelope?)

There are more city staff and workers along with a few cops, just not featured in pictures here.

Looking like we will have some great selections to expand on the adventures coming this winter.  As I understand it, my counterpart is working on some Asian flavor docks with ships and more to romp over in adventures around the Pacific ... our American City, airfield and jungle zone will make for a busy set of adventures!

Friday, July 05, 2019

SHAKO II - a meeting engagement - in the War Dungeon

On the last day in June we packed up and headed out to the War Dungeon.

McLean was a great host again and experienced the grand old Napoleonic tabletop for the first time!

we used the 'terrain random' table for continent from SHAKO (version 1)

Then with about 1:5 to one three French foot divisions and a light and dragoon division took on allied Austrian mixed division and a Russian foot division along with a heavy dragoon division.

the Austro-Russian allies went with full deployment in a wide line ...

Austrian mixed on the right

covering a woods and with a hill top to support

Russians on another hill, though very far forward deployed in full view of French cannon

The Russians did have some impressive batteries

Italians in the center, with Poles and Germans to the right and fully French division of foot to the left ... no reserves if anything went wrong

French artillery on the top of the tall hill dominating the field

Baron Sacken commanded the Austro-Russian forces

French light cavalry on the far right flank
The forces are arranged and this table was so small as to make contact immediate, so they slammed each other directly, the battle going more like a 30 years war engagement, than a Napoleonic one.

field in action

some French batteries could not engage immediately as their foot was advancing thru the woods

slowly the French division crept through the woods

turn 3 was to be the critical one, with many Allied cavalry being chased from the field

Russian foot pushed forward to cover the attacks at their battery locations

meanwhile more French forces moved up

center of the action

even disordered, many French units did well against the Russians

it was an amazing performance by the French horse that really won the day

Italian Grenadiers moved up to take the Russian hill ...

Turn 4 all is done as the Russian division and cavalry have broken

scene of the carnage

French greatcoats to the front

Italian division marches over Russian dead

the all French division breaks out of the woods

Russian artillery firing one last desperate round to attempt to drive back the greatcoat German forces

scene of carnage in the Italian center

View from General Mouton's position

Austrian milita are thrown against Italian regulars as a final rearguard action

the milita unit surrenders as it was surrounded on all sides
Very busy and crammed in space on the minimal 4x6 table space.  Though after some consideration the Russian commander (eldest son) realized his mistake in not taking on a truly defensive position versus a numerically superior opponent.

Good fun and learning at the same time.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Kriegsspiel as it formed

A great video all about the formation of this grand hobby:

Mystery Inc. for PULP Action

Just finished a chess set for market and at the same time did up these fun little leagues for Pulp Action games:

Mystery Inc. ready for action!

Dr Shaggy and SK008Y

the league

more details about the Mystery Machine ...

Then I also did up some opponents ...

A few opponents for Mystery Inc.
No names or other details set yet ...

SHAKO game coming this Sunday at The War Dungeon, looking forward to getting the Napoleonic troops out on the table!