Monday, August 06, 2018

An American Civil War game, Gettysburg Day 2

Nate of the Nanaimo Historical Wargamers group (name of Facebook) organized a Fire & Fury Gettysburg Day 2 battle.

Our venue was a Royal Canadian Legion hall, so there were some wonderful art pieces on the walls for inspiration of a military sort as we gamed out the historical action of July 2, 1863.

a shot just as the 'action' started, seen here are the Confederate commanders
The Confederate right flank, Hood's command.  Longstreet was restricted in not crossing a road on the west side of the battlefield ... thus limiting the options of the attackers after they had marched outside of his command radius.
the depiction of "the Devil's Den"
Union side, less the author, with a flanking Confederate seated on the right.  The fighter plane was the closest art piece to our game space and there were many others in the room.
The Confederate line from left flank, the troops had now crossed the road ... their commander would not.
Union forces stubbornly hold the high ground in the center, they would keep a presence on the west side of the river all day, making a victory point.
Union forces enter the Devils Den for the first time that afternoon.
Confederates close in on the forests just outside of the Round Tops (big and little) ready to press on to the top of the high ground on the Union left.
Meanwhile in the center Union troops still refused to back away from advancing Confederates, here in the wheatfield.
Leading to multiple melee clashes of close quarter combat
Later in the Devils Den a third Union force was still holding out against nearly 4 times as many Confederates the casualties were horrendous on both sides!
Bloodied and battered the Confederates still press on up the slopes of Big Round top to get at the little round top (bottom right of picture) which had another Union force just behind the summit waiting to engage the attackers.
Came down to the last 4 rolls on Little Round Top. Union was still 'contesting' for the top of the hill at nightfall ... so the Confederates did not obtain their victory condition.

On the rest of the field, Union amazing successes, troops remained to the west of the river ALL DAY and Union forces temporarily controlled Seminary Ridge ... yes I have that name correct Union forces were in control of Seminary ridge shortly before nightfall, and more Union troops were moving west before nightfall, with the ability of occupying the side of the ridge before night.

Strange ending to the battle, as the Union left 'refused' and just held on while the Union right moved deep into the Confederate deployment areas.

At this rate, Pickett would have nowhere to 'start' his charge from.

Great day and kudos to Nate for his hosting with the troops and table dressing along with scouting out the Legion as a suitable game location.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Welsh Foote first Garden Wars Parade for ECW

The Welsh Brigade of Foote for my English Civil Warre Royalist Army takes to the Garden Wars field for its first exercises.

March past in column, with the senior (first painted) regiment leading.  Now all troops have their flocking and flags are flying in the morning sun.
The three Welsh commands, Army Command (to the left with cuirass and red plume), a horse commander (in green near the towne); both painted last year, and the new Foote Command, in white with red accents and many other little flourish details that only a Royalist Cavalier would appreciate.

The full line, with horse to the 'right' of the line (seen in the left of the picture)

Horse painted last year (soon to have three more new squadrons added)

Foote painted last year (the senior regiment)

All my Royalists will have white hat bands as much as possible (so as to quickly distinguish them on the field of battle)

These flags are all conjectural as I have not found that the Welsh actually used their own colors during the era, I wanted to have more distinguishing elements for the Royalists forces
Able to find many good samples of things to use on the flags for the Welsh forces I have set a 'color' of the Welsh Dragon on the white over green and the 'regimental' of some other pattern that I have found in reference to Wales.

That sets one full brigade, or 'division' as they called them in the era, for my Royalists; next after doing some commission works to pay a few bills, are going to be the Welsh Horse to complete the Welsh 1/3rd of the planned Royalist Army.  The others are Cornish, using some of the wars of religion minis so that force will have an antique feel in comparison to the Oxford 1/3rd which will be of the more modern sort of troops similar to the ones already standing in my Parliamentary Army.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Welsh Foote ECW Drilling almost complete

Now with most colors done, only the final gloss coat remains

Gloss coating done, these troops now await their flocking (grass on the bottoms)

With this lot I did up two teams of diggers and sappers along with powder kegs, in preparation for games planning for the coming Salute in Richmond in 2019.

Weather permitting, the next photos will be a garden wars parade!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trading Post - 15mm SYSTEM for SALE

My 15mm miniatures have not been out on the tabletop in many years.

Partly due to my own move towards the 25-28mm miniatures and partly due to less time in general available to game with.

I have decided to put on the market the 15mm system for Ancients and Napoleonic games that I started with in the hobby back in the mid 1990s.

Campaign map of Italy for "Rise of Rome" campaign in De Bellis Antiquitatis

close-up of a forest terrain with 15mm minis for scale

The whole Rome collection

The whole Napoleonic Collection

See more details at my TRADING POST.

Monday, July 30, 2018

AMAZING TALES Vol. 0 - Mandalorian Debut

My middle son has long had a fascination with the Mandalorians of Star Wars fame.

We even used his LEGO men in the play testing of the terrain and getting used to doing Pulp Alley games fast.

I have kitbashed some stormtroopers and Boba Fett's to create a custom league of miniatures for him.

He calls them "The Deathwatch"

Last night they had their first taste of action against "The Yellow Peril", supported by "Radium, Inc."

The Yellow Peril

Mandalorians, The Deathwatch
Rob brought out his newest terrain board, the abandoned airstrip:

overview, with the aircraft looks simply amazing

the detail includes tufts of grass growing from the cracks in the pavement

rusted parts abound

actually plenty of 'scatter' to used on the field

The random scenario was "Dangerous Delivery" and Rob won the dice toss and selected defender, making middle son have to cross the airfield with at least the 'one' plot point he got to start with.

The Deathwatch arrived via stolen police car

The immediately set up a gun line under cover so as to get to another plot point
The center of the field was open at the start

Yellow Peril and Radium, Inc were covering each others flank

The central 'major' plot point was not going to be given up easily ...
A couple of turns of maneuver later ...

Mandalorian gun line still in place as Radium, Inc sacrifices moving forward

one flanking Mandalorian was going to have a really bad day ...

no easy way across this field

the fuel tank details are simply the best, though the heat of the day saw us put some supports under the aircraft tires because it was 'sinking' into the ramp due to the heat making the surface soft

Yellow Peril gets another plot point and can now go for the 'major' point in the center of the field

During turn 4 the Mandalorians were still slowed down, not making forward progress through the wrecked hangar.

crossfire in the center had forced Mandalore (leader) to go wide on the left flank under the hanger ruins

one poor Mandalorian got fully 'knocked down and out' by the brutes of the Yellow Peril and Radium leagues

At the end of turn four the Mandalorians realized that they had not covered enough ground at all yet and without a special card that could extend the game they could not get to the escape aircraft.
Realizing they could not get away with their ill gotten goods the Mandalorians chose to escape in that stolen police V8.

Tune in next time for another adventure from Amazing Tales - only 10cents !

only a supporting role this adventure ...

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Fun little site for making pulp magazine covers:

I did this one in less than 1 minute:

With a planned Pulp Alley game coming up this weekend!

Time to see what Rob's abandoned aircraft hanger is like ...

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Welsh ECW Foote Drilling continues

Ink layers for the white coats

Ink layer on the sappers

Under color layer - only one more to go then metallics

the sappers are being done with more powder and shotte markers also