Thursday, February 22, 2024

Frosthaven Commission stage one

 That (not so) little painting commission has been completed.

I was asked to *not* share all the progress here, as in the past, as the minis are 'secret'.

It took some searching to find reference images, of other painted minis or the game cards ... I shall only be sharing the first stage of the minis, for now.  Apparently the game changes as the different characters are introduced and the images I could find were of slightly different color variations and treatments of the miniatures.

the full first set

different stages of painting progress

I had a small challenge with this set of minis, they are made of a 'bendable' plastic, that I found did not take the base coat spray.  I used a zenithal method, with black and white base coat, which I have used on many other metal miniatures without issue.  The paint remained 'tacky' for about 6 days, this much delayed my starting on the painting of the miniatures as I did not know what the 'tacky' effect would be to paint applied to the minis.

As it turned out the paint tended to 'pool' if it was too thin, so I needed to use the base layers in a thicker, wetter mode than I normally do.  This also caused the base paint color layer to need more time to dry and set before I could start on the shading layers.

I ground up some white crystals for the 'snow' effects on the bases.  Then used a bunch of different flocking methods to complete the bases.

Client wanted a bright color set and a glossy final finish, this did make taking pictures of the finished minis a challenge.

The second set of minis for this commission is also done ... I have been asked to wait on sharing the process.  So I shall end with this little teaser:

Monday, February 19, 2024

PULP ALLEY game on 18 Feb 2024

 We ran another game at the Kelsey Center on February 18 and it was a blast to get the minis out on that fabulous table set of Rob's.

I have processed the images captured in the game into a little video of the action, hope you enjoy it.


Next game day is Sunday March 17, 2024, we are looking at doing a SHAKO II game.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

PULP Fantastic Pictures in a town.

 In preparation for the coming Pulp Alley game opportunity, we had the award winning town here.

Today had a great sunny mid day, and I took the opportunity to make some outdoor photos.

a 'mistake' photo that turned out to be
an amazing image to use

the '6-shooter' turn counter and some
other minis along with
a card back from the game


There were many good photos and, unless someone requests I'm just not likely to share them all.

lady in the window

get me a headline!

(in sepia)

I have run most of the images thru the clip-2-comic app, since they come out so neat and quickly.

even though in full sunlight, the shaded section
look like it was a night scene ...

a wheel chair scene


there are so many possibilities for different genres being used in Pulp Alley

a Star Trek crew

and then ...

Frosthaven minis painting continues ... I have been asked to keep the images 'secret' (at least until they get used I suppose) ... so I will not post the images here until my client has released them.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Bull Run 1861 - another run at the Kelsey center, from 09h30 to 14h30

 This games day went off much better than the first attempt in November 2023.


 I had a four player start for the game, though at one point there were three other watchers of the match, one player dropped out after 2 pm.

If you watch the video you will see a proper divisional attack form, with two brigades in front line and one support brigade to the rear, the Division command in the center - like a text book - even though one brigade was shaken, having taken fire and I had given no details like this to the totally new player to the game.  It was nice to see this happen.  I took some extra photos of this moment and share them here, you can see the division line form in the video in the top left corner at 2:30 mark of the time-lapse.

division in line attack formation
seen from the left flank

division in line attack formation, seen from above

The game did not go to the end of the turn limit, though we got in way more than last time.

Image of control board at game end,
completion of the 14h00 turn

Next game day is February 18, 2024, I am hoping to do some Pulp games and maybe have Rob come along to handle his award winning terrain.

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Frosthaven - a new commission project begun

 The zenithal base coat layer has been done for the starting classes.

I have done some more research into the color schemes for all of these minis.

for now the classes logos are all I will share of this project
as the painting has only just started

The aim is to have the base 6 (7 minis since one of them takes 2-parts) character classes completed by the end of January and the balance of the minis by then possibly the end of February or start of March.

Still have the games days to go, so the tabletop is busy as is the painting desk.

Oh and all that pesky working stuff and the occasional fire-rescue call.

Loads to do ... so I'll be off at it for a while.

Monday, January 08, 2024

Games days dates are set for early 2024

 The next three games days are scheduled for January 21, February 18 and March 21, 2024

So far I have planned ACW in January, a request for Pulp in February and looking at Napoleonic or ECW for March ...

Expect pictures/time lapse etc from each one.

X-Wing by Bandai, brush painting.

 My middle son had this little model of an X-Wing and he wanted me to dress it up with some brushworks.

I started in November of last year, with many interruptions I was able to finish it today.

I pulled some images from the web to inspire my work and watched a few clips from the films to get some better idea of the color scheme I wanted to emulate.

A couple of  'in progress' shots to showcase the detail:

Then a series of the 'finished product'

Then finally another 'clip-2-comic' conversion.

Up next ... a new commission starts! (with secrets ...)

Sunday, December 31, 2023

2023 a year in Review and looking ahead

 The past year has had a number of shifts take place.

It started off great with a whole weekend of games, the peak being a defend the bridgehead battle:

Defend the bridgehead!

My ACW efforts reached a first battlefield ready condition, Bull Run 1861

the whole 15mm force for both sides in the starting battle
of the American Civil War


These troops were then put into action on the tabletop in the Bull Run 1861 battle:


 Bull Run 1861


Some digital image work was done, in progress towards a potential little game ...

The Alpian Wars moves into a new 'realm'?


Still more use of the ACW troops and expanding into the "Operational Level" of battle management.

Operational Level of command


The full battle can be tracked here:

Then more ACW potential came to light as the Gettysburg Campaign was put into operation for the first time here, and culminated in a number of battles:

some quick troops were assembled to support the others that already existed, so that we could do some really big battles.

bare metal was brought to full paint quickly
to support the needs for more Union troops on the tabletop

Then the campaign took action and an amazing set of a-historical battles resulted:


Push on the Potomac:

Cavalry action at Bruceville:

Then Autumn arrived, there were many other things I needed to do and focus on, so games took a back seat, though the itch did get scratched a few more times before the end of the year, most importantly in the Bull Run 1861 game and expo at the local community center.

Victory Without Quarter


Bull Run 1861, at the Kelcey Center

I now also have a little painting commission, that will need addressing in the new year, so expect some progress photos of that project in the coming months.

The ACW set has Shiloh on deck, with only the Confederates needing to be painted at the moment, they are all up on the painting shelf, ready to roll after the commissions.

At least three other games days at the local community center are slated, in January, February and March.  So there will be some more tabletop images to come ...

Added on all of this are the continuing home operations, a work prospect that keeps me near my phone and computer most days along with Firefighter duties weekly (& whenever the 'tones' drop) and plans for better marketing of the rescue society needs.

Happy New Year everyone!