Thursday, February 14, 2019

ECW Mustering the Cornish Horse

The progress on the English Civil War forces continues, though still not able to gloss coat due to the low temperatures and the extra snow fall is not helping either.

Meanwhile, I have these last stages to present to you, they were painted after the Pulp game in early February, then everything had to stand still until the temperature comes up a few degrees.

the Petronels now with most of the color done

here are the horse, now awaiting their gloss coat
Again the artillery crew are being featured, here are the images

color layers bulk laid down

mid tones and some highlights picked out

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

ECW Cornish Muster - Petronel Horse & Artillery men

The snow has interrupted the completion of this force as I cannot do the gloss spray in the cold and wet, otherwise it ends up more like a semi-translucent frosting than a clear gloss.

In the meantime I have set about to get these photos in progress laid out for your examination.

The Cornish Royalist forces for my ECW force are a bit antiquated, using the Elizabethan themed miniatures, so they have an antique feel compared to the planned Oxford forces, which will be the Warlord ones.

gray base coat

dark brown underlay

'damp brush' white

color base

mix of brown and black ink
With this set I am also doing some more artillerists and wanted to use the same fast painting techniques to compare with the others.  If it works out then I may do more with this faster system.

grey base coat, one shot is with flash the other without

still wet layer of brown/black mix to create the deep layer

the 'wet brush' white (well more of an eggshell as I mixed in some burnt umber so it was not brilliant titanium white)

the orange under color, this could be more red or more yellow depending on the final color you are seeking

Ink layer of brown and black ink, thinned out and put on liberally

the 'skin' tones

Next posting will have more of the color layers done, as these minis were painted just before the pulp game (which separated the photo set).

English Civil Warre - Carnage & Glory II - Parradice Moor

Coming on February 18 at Pair A Dice Games an English Civil War game.

the battell of Parradice Moor
A third of a series of Monday evening games at Pair-A-Dice games coming on the 18th.

After this match we will re-assess the Monday plan and see what comes up.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

New Game Location and some Monday Game(s)

Pair-A-Dice Games in a nearby city, Campbell River, has agreed to host some table top minis games on a few Mondays in February.

We have done a Pulp game, next up will be a game of Victory Without Quarter.

Coming on February 11

Finally on the 18th will be an English Civil War game.

Then we will re-assess and see what else develops?

Edit Feb 13: Unfortunately the weather was not co-operating and the even was canceled due to snow.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

PULP ALLEY in Paradice City!

an advert I made to help promote the game

end of turn 1, the Amazing Tales team up of the Mandalorians and Radium Inc were on one side of the canal, with Adventure Magazine's RODIO teamed up with The Yellow Peril (arriving in the blue sedan)

the blue delivery truck was a 'perilous area'

Yellow Peril's sedan.

the green gangster car just looks great with the whole of Radium Inc. beside it, abandoned barn in the distance by Rob P. his award winning terrain of the city becoming Paradice City, named for the location this time at Pair A Dice Games

Rodio league getting into position, with some local muscle ... (in the blue shirt)

calm before the storm

we ran a trail of clues game and the two teams of leagues settled into a shoot out at the base of the canal bridge

here Yellow Peril could be seen bailing out of their sedan

the bridge became a blocking location

all four leagues lined up to shoot it out

Rodio's leader "Fang" (the dog) was brutal on the bridge, keeping nearly all of Radium Inc focused on himself.

one 'sneaky' fast member of Radium thought to creep into a building by a back window ... and failed

the street scene in the stand off with bum rushes and lots of shooting

a "Parley" card is played, then all the shooting stops ...

Fang jumps off the bridge to get away, only to AWAKEN THE CANAL MONSTER!

the center of the canal bridge became a scene of chaos as no leagues could hope to complete any more plot points before the end of turn 6.

Another wild and crazy game of Pulp Alley.

With Pair-A-Dice Games willing to host on Monday evening(s), there may be more installments of Pulp from this location.

Up next in the same location, next Monday will be some Victory Without Quarter.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

English Civil War - Cornish Forces on Parade

While the lances will need their pennants, and maybe a flag will be added as I haven't yet decided on the final look of the horse units, here are the totality of the Cornish Royalists as I have for my English Civil War forces.

This particular officer is an advance look at the 'border horse' troops that I have planned, though they will not be under brush until after the Petronels, the Oxford Foot and Oxford Horse are all done.

an overview of the whole force, 4 Horse, 4 Pike & Shot Regiments

using the camera really near the table surface gives a unique look to the photos

some of the officer poses turned out great

long line of horse

blurry foreground officer

and without

Regiments colors to the fore

Golden Dragon of Wessex to the fore

this shot just turned out so well

more of a top-down view

a bit further away again downward view

more gunners added with a more ECW look to them

The new horse forces of demi-lancers

the Blewes

again a low to the table view of the forces, each regiment has its own preacher armed with a sword
This entire force was bare metal on December 10, 2018 and finished on January 26, 2019.