Saturday, October 14, 2006

AUERSTÄDT! First Rush!

Really tired, as I started 16 hours ago loading all into the vehicle to take to Halbe Hall, many notes and loads of pictures were taken.

In the final result, the Prussians were forced to start an orderly retreat at 11h00; almost exactly the same time as the historical account states, only this time the order of the troops and positioning of both sides was somewhat differently tasked from the historical.

I shall relate the whole story on the Arcadian Guild site:

For now some shots of the tabletop and the action.

Overall I was pleased with the tabletop appearance, though I missed 'placing' the curve of the River Saale until later in the game, no major effect as neither side paid much attention of the south wing of the battlefield...

My 'Divisional Summaries' were invaluable since they allowed even new people to sort out their commands quickly and were useful later in determining how many formation(s) had been lost and to which command they belonged.

The "random" cards had a profound effect on the 'flow' and support of the game, giving re-rolls as just the right time, Rally situations came about barely within the needed moments and then, for the Prussians, ran out at just the wrong they did not have any more left to push out and 'hold' the line any longer.

The combination of the SkyCloth and some new 'autumn' trees that I threw together on Friday night really put some great final visual touches to the game!

More in the back-and-forth about this game in the coming week(s) I am sure.


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Bluebear Jeff said...

As one of the players, I must say that Murdock put together a fabulous game. I felt under considerable stress for most of the game as wave after wave after wave of Prussians swarmed over the table.

The terrain and troops were very nice; and the play aids were marvelous!

The various cards (and especially the FATE cards) added a great deal to the game.

Many cheers for the host (who was able to just watch for almost all of the game.

-- Jeff