Thursday, October 05, 2006

Testing ... testing

I'm trying out Jeff's (Bluebear) suggested method of painting horses for the Draught horses that I just assembled, since he says it can be done so fast and I have little time to waste in detailing them.

The 9 Horsegunners and Horse Artillery officer have been first color layered, all will not be let dry overnight.

I noted over on Grimsby's blog a book (it had Napoleonic soldiers on the cover) that drew my attention. Then in checking it out I noted a new DVD in a similar vein.

Much to my surprise I discovered a new SHARPE movie has been made, released in September 2006. Sean Bean out there as Sharpe, yet again. This time back in India. The reviews were thin (only a dozen or so) but they made plain that this movie, titled Sharpe's Challenge combined three of the Cornwell books, at least as well as some of the other TV movies did.

Check out the IMDB listing here:

Sharpe's Challenge

It may get put on my xmas list...

More likely though is much-anticipated, by me anyway, the release of the Austerlitz Live (2005) DVD from Czech Television.

Austerlitz Live

oh yes, and a couple more cards, just for the curious...and cuz I like the look of images in the blog.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh, so if you don't like the horses, it will be MY FAULT, huh?

Well, you've seen my horses . . . in fact there are some still in your possession from a recent game.

(And, no, it isn't true that Murdock confiscates your troops after a battle . . . I've just left them there for a future game).

I agree that images really look good and help to "spruce up" a blog. Your's are particularly nice to look at.

-- Jeff