Monday, October 23, 2006

Summary from 20th October Meeting Engagement.

I did a SHAKO Demo game, meeting engagement at the Campbell River Sportsplex for the recent 'boys only' Pro-D Day.

I ended up with 8-12 different boys running thru the commands, slow at first but, as usual, once the terrain and troops were on the table the interest heated-up fast. With about 20 'spectators' watching for the final result!

Another aspect of where the organizers have placed me (again) was near the catering room, so that when snack break came all the boys at the event had a chance to see the battle (at the turn 3 point) where there were loads of smoke markers, dead units and the score was France 1 : Prussia 0.

The result came after a series of failed charges by the French Dragoons against the Prussian Right Wing, all in squares, standing their ground. The Dragoons just ran out of horsemen.

once they were churned into hamburger, the Prussian Cavalry Brigade and the French Chasseurs came to clash. For the first time ever the French Chasseur Brigade was bested in combat! The first formation simply retired from immediate combat, the second was dashed to pieces by the pursuit charge. This caused a failure of the entire brigade's morale and left the Prussians the winners of the day with the final score at the end of turn 5 = Prussia 5 : France 1.


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