Thursday, October 12, 2006

Paperwork Done!

The "Order of Battle" images book is now done for Auerstädt!

The bonus of this is twofold:
1) now all new players will have some 'imagery' to help them come to grips with the troops under their command.
2) I have designed it as flexible as possible, so that I can use the same pictures in the future to help 'organize' future games, from simple meeting engagements to the full-on major battle re-enactments!

Three images this time:

First of the III Corps 'command'

Second of The Prince of Orange (later King Fredrick Willem I of the Netherlands - nicknamed the 'old frog' by the Brits in Flanders) and his command at Auerstadt.

Finally, I came across a number of interesting illustrations that appear to have been done by a French Woman during the 1792-1835 period. She was able to get audiences with some of the notables of the Napoleonic period. One was with Queen Louisa of Prussia, once dubbed 'The only real man in europe' by Napoleon Bonaparte! She led the Prussian noble court hawks in the 'war party' into the 1806 conflagration with France...she did not live to see its end.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Gosh, for the only real man in Europe, she's an awfully good looking woman.

Everything I've seen looks good. See you Saturday!

-- Jeff