Wednesday, October 18, 2006

AUERSTÄDT, a second look, #1:

Part of staging the 200th anniversary tabletop re-enactment of the Battle of AUERSTÄDT involved prepping the 25mm miniatures, the 'paperwork' I've mentioned earlier.

Then came the setting up of the tables filled with troops.

I had laid them all out one time before, but always only one army at a time and never with the new Divisional summaries pages...the effect was, stimulating, to say the least.

Remember that you can clik on an image to blow it up to a larger size.

During play these summary pages made tracking losses easier and, for at least one newer player, he was able to keep track of and deploy his troops (from the storage bins) without assistace!

Some other materials I have made, for use in many SHAKO games to date, are the artillery 'sticks' - they can be seen lying across the tables (two long larger wooden dowels) marked at correct distances for cannister, ball medium and long ranges. Also movement and 'division command range'(DC) markers (also made of wooden dowelling now with 1" markings on them in 6" and 9" lengths), the red plastic left-overs from GW games are exactly 18" which made them ideal for the DC range markers.

More about the battle to come, must away to pick up #2 son.

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