Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Paperwork, paperwork...

So not a lot done today, though the maps have been printed and laminated.

I also took all the pictures for the 'divisional albums' that I hope to have done in time for the Auerstadt game.

The plan is to use photos of the troops, printed at the same size as collector cards, then inserted into collector pages. Each photo is to be of one 'unit', then the page or two will be of the 'division' - ideally under one player(s) command. The reasoning for this project is to assist the neophyte, whom has never played a large tabletop miniatures game with over 200 figs in it, in identifying the troops under their command. This is a particular problem once the forces become 'intermingled' in combat and exacerbated in the current game with Prussian and French forces wearing 'blue' uniforms.

Ultimately new players cannot distinguish the uniform styles and will resort to colours, this will make the game a chaos without some visual aids.

Anyway a sample of the Young Guard Chasseurs, I know that they were not at Auerstadt, but then I wanted to have distinctly different uniform patterns and styles, and for Chasseurs you cannot get more distinct than the Young Guard. The castings are my own using Prince August moulds.



Bluebear Jeff said...

"200 figures" . . . Murdock, there were almost that many MOUNTED in the last playtest (I remember counting them) . . . and that didn't even begin to count the foot.

Be fair, you've got a lot more lead on the table than a measly 200 figures.

-- Jeff


MurdocK said...

Yes, there will be more than 200 figures. But the 'intimidation factor' to new players can be daunting.

The plan for the photos is to reduce that workload and assist the neophyte in getting into play and keeping track of the troops under their command.

Bluebear Jeff said...

By the way, I love the color provided by hussars.

-- Jeff