Sunday, October 29, 2006


In a little Halloween celebration I hosted a number of fantasy wargame fans in a 25mm staging of a Hordes of the Things game.

I borrowed a few undead figures from a friend so that there were plenty of skeletons on hand to fill out three full field armies on the DEAD side.

The LIFE side had plenty of extra options also, with one force having 6 hordes stands filled with lizard skinks, backed up with Lizard Men blades and a Behemoth General (a model of Samwise Gamgee was used for the part!).

The three forces lined up and came to blows quickly in the center, with the skinks sent off slithering away...

An early magic attempt was met with the sorceress becoming a toad!

On the other flank three behemoths entered a shoving match. It was broken by the Hero general coming over to 'even' the odds. At one critical moment the behemoths had turned the corner and the general was in danger of being crushed, but his own behemoth held his ground. Only to later fail to hang on and get shoved into the backs of elven archers and a Wizard, crushing all of them flat.

The skeletal rhino almost won the entire battle, when the airboat cruised over and tipped the scales against them.

Meanwhile in the center the skeletal forces of Lord Soth were denuded by the Gamgee behemoth.

Over on the other flank a series of cavalry charges were pushed back by magical means and a stalemate hung over the battlefield.

In the center the sorceress returned from the frog pond and trapped the witch King of Angmar in a some sort of magic bottle.

This set free some of the Lizard men to push away Lord Soth and his chargers.

On the flanks, first the behemoths seemed to have the upper hand, then their general chose to attack, only to find himself surrounded and slaughtered, the remaining elven spears and totally exhausted giants fled the field. Only a moment later that same victorious undead commander watched as his own command fled from the field as he had lost more than 50% of his command to disruption from the Lizard men and airboat assaults.

In the center a desperate change of strategy saw the flying undead Lich-Lord switch from a frontal attack on the Gamgee behemoth to cutting up the human archers supporting his flanks. More lizard skinks were flooded onto the field to keep the command army of Gamgee from fleeing...

Again a stalemate hovered over the four remaining armies (from the six that had started).

Finally the cavalry charges broke thru and the Gamgee behemoth managed to trap and kill (with the help of allied archers) Lord Soth!

Victory for the forces of life on this day, though many did not march away from the field of battle...


A new young player, Sam, has joined in with our little band and my son also got to play a part all day.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Pictures! Pictures! We want pictures!

Sorry that I couldn't make it . . . but the winds made the ferry service pretty chancy -- didn't know if they would keep sailing (it was very wild over here -- the sea was the whitecappiest I've ever seen it; and lots of branches were coming down -- a very nasty North wind).

So I want to see pictures!

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

OK OK Jeff, again for some reason the system was not accepting the pics last night, now it has.