Sunday, October 01, 2006

Playtest #2 Done!

Wow! What a game day!

I love it when a plan comes together!

Jeff and I hashed out some details and pushed lead for 6 hours today and my notes are still not caught up on the materials needed to finish in time for the full game!

I have need to paint at least 9 gunners (and I will also paint the artillery officer with them now).

Along with those needs are the game mod cards (done with graphics - I just did 'quickie' hand written ones for the game today), a set of more useable battlefield maps (so that players can get into action fast).

I have to print out a larger version of the turn order (so that a myopic troll can see it from across the room) not a dig at you Jeff! I want this so that a large turn 'check' sheet can be posted next to it and we can use that to 'track' the current turn situation and not miss things like the new card draw and expanded orders on the turns that need it.

Jeff also suggested some more measuring dowelling, I may or may not invest in it as more $$$ going into the games right now might make family upset, to say the least.

More to do, but I thought a a few pics from the game might be of interest also.

Be warned, some of the pics are rather large this time.

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