Sunday, May 27, 2007

Working on the pontoon gang!

More paint was put on the engineers for the Friedland battlefield (and beyond).

I have tried to set-up the units as having uses will all sorts of different armies, in such a way that I can tell which crews are working with which officers.

Also I did a short little playtest with my son and one of his friends. The friend had to leave early and my son lost some interest, but I did get to refresh my memory about the Napoleons' Battles game system.

I've also gotten to field test the new tags on the units and I really like the speed that it adds in not having to re-check movement or basic combat stats.

It was a large project to re-engineer all the charts and tables to match the 25mm scale (as the game was designed at 15mm scale and multiplying everything by 1.5 in your head in the heat of action is a non-starter).

Only a few more days to go and this last batch of crewers will complete a three year odyssey from Austerlitz to Friedland.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Very impressive! Quite a large endeavor. Well done, sir!

-- Jeff