Thursday, May 24, 2007

Looking ahead:

In the near-term there are the engineers and pontoons to finish for Friedland.

Then to game out FRIEDLAND, June 3 and June 10.

The next project on the horizon is in connection with the Wars for Arcadian Glory, initially this will probably have some games in connection with the Emperor vs. Elector materials that are building now.

Part of this project will be the building of more tricorne troops, many of which have been drafted, but await 'training' with flash cleaning, base coats etc.

The long-range goal will be to put together something active in the Seven Years War era of action.

The only difficulty I have is that I yearn for a more 'open' campaign. One that will allow the players to experiment and take off (eh!) in directions other than the strict 'historical' battles...

To that end, in the past, I had put together a map for use in a Sport of Kings game for use with Age of Reason, and borrowed from that material. Only I put it on a much nicer tableau.

The recent Emperor v. Elector posts have been about developing a map for use in the game and it made me recall my earlier works on this map.

I am hoping to be able to use a larger game concept for the future Wars for Arcadian Glory with my fellow gamers in Duchy of the North and Saxe-Bearstien.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I sympathize with your yearning . . . but I want to make sure that 'Tricorne Wars' will work for the conflict it was designed for before trying to work it farther afield.

Baby steps first, okay?

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

TCW or SHAKO or AoR, they are all the tactical 'battlefield' resolution mechanisms.

Sport of Kings and other means are the strategic 'reason' for the tactical tabletop action. It is with these strategic considerations in mind that can sway the tabletop action into being more than just a little game or a single action with no further consequences...