Tuesday, May 01, 2007


After some considerations I have dusted off my copy of Napoleon's Battles and are reviewing elements. It was ostensibly designed for 'new' players, with loads of rules, all laid out in Avalon Hill numbered format. A sample set of diagrams and some support counters.

Napoleon's Battles
Napoleon's Battles
Napoleon's Battles

I've found a map that covers the ground fairly well, though I'll still likely search for some other historical maps to confirm the details.

I am starting to confirm my troops, and it looks like I will be needing to build 3-4 pontoon bridges...the makings are in the works.

Another little problem has cropped up, the other table that worked so well at the Eylau game will not be available, so I have scrounged around what I have access to and found a desk that is only 3/4" lower than the main table [seen in orange in the map diagram] in height (but has a rounded leather top making the 'edge' dangerous to the minis with risk of falling off higher) [seen in red in the map diagram] and an old tabletop, that is plenty large but has no legs on it right now (the legs are crummy), so I must consider buying another set of folding legs to put it into use. Along with the tabletop space, the 'game' space has been more closely measured, I have a space 10' by 14' (though the 14' can be a bit longer, but I need to have some room to store away things).

Strange as it seems I am planning to have the table set up with the 8' width in the 10' dimention, simply because the other dimention (when the two largest tables are combined) is also 8' and the troops are mostly accessed from the sides of the smaller table and the long 8' edge.

I had the thought to ask readers here what they thought of the Nappy's Batts rules set, if they used other rules sets (for Grand Tactical battles of the period) and what sort of map / troops / historical researches they may do when planning a re-fight like I am?

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