Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bridging the rivers:

A large part of the battle of Friedland was the pontoon briges over the Rivers Alle and Muhlenfluss.

To complement my growing 25mm armies and permit them to have the needed engineering efforts, I have been working on three pontoon bridging sets. Along with some sappers and miners to 'represent' the working engineering crews.

So far the efforts have worked out quite well, considering I have only had about 5 hours to work on all of it.

Today was a big day, since a fellow gamer was out to do some work on his tricorne troops for the Duchy of the North. He did a lot of flash cleaning and prep work along with some fantasy figs that should all be finished tomorrow night!

For my part the pontoons all got three layers of browns and an inking so that tomorrow I can finish them all and get a major work done on the engineers.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I've seen your pontoons and they look great!

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Where did you get those lovely pontoon bridges from ?

Allan (Wittenberg)

MurdocK said...

I am not certain of the maker, the have a symbol on the bottom of the boats that looks like a combination of an 'H' and and 'M' and some other small straight lines that makes me think it is a Hinchcliffe.

I got them from an eBay sale, thus the lack of manufacture details.