Saturday, May 12, 2007

Attraction to the table?

What does it for you:

When you first saw or became connected to the hobby?

When you had some of your own troops?

Now that you have many troops and are looking to game with them more often?

I ask as I am working with at least 2 others to develop something that will help to attract as many new players as possible.

For me, the answers look something like:

I was first attracted to the color and with a few games the size of the battles represented. I really enjoyed a number of 15mm Nappy's batts games that I played and a few of the Age of Reason ones in 25mm. I needed to move away from close proximity to all these players whom had fantastic 25mm collections, and so have had to start building my own.

When I finnaly had some troops, back when there were many others gaming, all I wanted was to get my guys into battle on the tabletop (thus the reason why I chose Saxons, since they faught on many sides during the 7 years war period). It was always frustrating to know that a game was coming up and to be told that no, the Saxons were not needed...sigh.

Now I find that I am looking to revive the actions of the past with the games run with the others whom had the large number of minis, but rather than a one-shot game (even though I am enjoying the bicentennial Napoleonics I have been doing over the past few years) I have been wanting to have the tabletop actions connect into a greater whole.

What are the views and thought of others on this topic?


Snickering Corpses said...

Having lived where there were no known gaming groups, what attracted me was the books. I think I stumbled across my first wargaming book in the library because it happened to either be next to the WW2 books I was reading, or come up on a catalog search.

What brought me back to the hobby recently was the pictures of painted troops and after action reports on the various websites for the hobby. I think it was the after action reports well written up in the style of true battle accounts that especially egged me on.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I've long been attracted to campaigns . . . and have run a few of them in various periods.

Once I get some time from getting our house set up, I plan to do a lot of painting and get a bunch of Saxe-Bearsteiners on the tabletop.

In the meantime, I'll take a look at re-basing some of my GNW troops for Tricorne Wars so that we can playtest the "command and control" aspects of the rules a bit later this summer.

I guess that I came to historical miniature gaming through Fantasy Role-Playing. Of course it helped that I worked in a game store and got invited to play by some of those fellows who had purchased some Ancients armies.

My first command was the left flank of a Seleucid army. After that I bought some Essex 25s and built an Alexandrian Imperial army. Then more armies . . . and more armies . . . and (is there a pattern here?) more armies, etc.

-- Jeff

Grimsby Mariner said...

Good looking figures on a good looking table will always do it for me no matter what the period. I can appreciate the quality of any figure in any period if it is attractively presented.
Even simple green cloths can look good if the buildings, trees and other features are well done.
Now that i have plenty of figures I'm of a mind that armies from twenty or more years ago in my collection are in need of a revamp to keep that presentation standard up.
Having said all that, for me to get excited about a period at a show still requires the players to give evidence that they have fun. No fun means no enjoyment which means that there is no enthusiasm to progress.