Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Camera! MIA


I had a great time planning out and preparing a number of new items for use at the 1813 meeting engagement.

The players thought that they were of use in getting off to a fast start, including having the table cloth to cover the hills (after taping them down).

The French were defeated, HUZZAH! Although the Russians were very close to a collapse in having a cavalry force that was badly crunched on their left.

Sadly I do not have the pics to show from the table right now as I forgot to bring my camera!

I know that two other players were snapping pics and I will post some once the dust from Friedland has settled...


Bluebear Jeff said...

I uploaded a comment earlier . . . but it seems to have disappeared.

Did you get all of the players you expected? Did they like the rules?

When I got home, I just lay down on the bed and fell asleep -- so that's why I didn't make it to drop by.

I guess that I'm not as far over my bronchitis as I thought I was.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

No we did not have a full house.

Only 4 players, so it was a bit busy for everyone, however it let me 'jump-in' on the French side and push the Russian players in their attacks on the French left.

2:1 odds against is a real challenge, in a smaller action I was able to hold off such odds 2 times out of 3, but the volume of attack (especially the heavy guns!) makes for a tough slog.

All of these players had played SHAKO before, only 1 was not experienced in such a large action.

Pete had a ball with so much cavalry (he had Pahlen III)!

Mike was pleased to win one decisively...

Take care Jeff, we want you well to get on with the painting of all those tricornes!