Monday, May 14, 2007


During conversations this weekend, since the Hordes game was overcome by a Hallmark holiday and others having a variety of difficulties the numbers were 'gone' for the continuation of the game, that Blubear Jeff and I had (mostly about Tricorne Wars rules changes // ideas and the WAG that he has been planning) we came to a point where the "Emperor vs. Elector" game was the topic of discussion.

After some peripheral ideas about force compositions were made I hit on the idea of having the 18th C bloggosphere commentators taking an active role in our little idea.

The concept sees at least two willing players take on the central roles of the Emperor and the Elector. Others can then 'join-in' on either side as the War Council or the Ordinance Committee or some such designations so that collections of players can get involved. The location would be a 'team' blog site that would allow each side to taunt or cat-call or offer threats back and forth. Also it would be a central spot to clear all the information relating to the campaign.

Our first vision saw the play being operated on a 'number line' approach with a 'no mans land' in the center and 3 or 4 'contest zones' where battle will be given. The winner of the 'battle' controls the 'zone' and can the attack into the next zone.

Many details still need to be 'worked out', since I thought we could access such a wide variety to informed and lively opinion about the subjects regarding supply, morale, support services and sundry with the others here in the bloggosphere it would make for a fun group kreigspeil, interactive discussion space and a place for those whom may not have too many local players to participate 'virtually' with other tabletop gamers (and at least read the after action reports, troops musters, see table photos, etc.)

Ultimately if we run into a snag that cannot be solved thru discussion, heated argument, logical analysis or other written means then we can resort to the various online dice rollers to 'randomize' the possibility.

This will allow for fast start to tabletop actions and still permit online players to 'take part', even if only in a 'virtual' sense.

Loads more to do, chat etc about all this, however the first most important question is:

"Are there any weBlog 18th Century game players out there whom would want to take part in such a net based game?"

"Are there 2 players willing to take on the central roles of Emperor or Elector?"




Well are there?

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Snickering Corpses said...

I already commented on Jeff's blog, but I'll repeat them here. I'd be interested in taking part. And I also suggested you two might want to talk with Alte Fritz and Bill Protz from the Old_School_Wargaming yahoo group, as they'd been talking about electing an Emperor in their BIG Battalion game next October. Might be able to form a link there.