Sunday, May 06, 2007

Forces Planning for FRIEDLAND:

I have had a closer look into the troops needed for the FRIEDLAND game and decided that I do have enough, just, to do the early (short) FRIEDLAND game as presented by the Avalon Hill game scenario book for Napoleon's Battles.

On table at the start for France:
Lannes CIC
near Heinrichdorf:
(Grouchy's 2ic most likely and I am trying to find out whom this was in 1807) with 12 FrLC, 12 FrLC and Fr4#
Nansouty with 20 FrHC, 16 FrHC and Fr4#

near Posthenen: (probably Lannes starting location)
Oudinot with 20 FrGN, 20 FrGN, 20 FrGN, 20 FrLT and Fr4#

Arriving (in A4):
0730 Frescia with 12 HdLC
0800 Dupas with 16 FrLN, 16 FrLN, Hd4#, Marshal Mortier
0900 Dombrowski with 16 PdLN and Fr12#
0930 Beaumont 16 FrLC
Colbert 12 FrLC
1030 Sokolnicki 12PdLC

Arriving (in C1):
0800 Polenz 16 SxLN, 12 SxHC
0930 Verdier 24 FrLT, 24 FrLN and Fr12#
1100 Espange 16 FrHC, 12 FrHC

The Russians are all (on table) in the original Napoleons' Battles tabletop, however the planned table I have for the game is smaller (see the map layout below).

On Table available:

Left Wing:
Markov with 20 RsJG, 16 RsJG, 16 RsJG, 16 RsLC, and 2 Rs6#
Constantine with 20 RsGJG, 28 RsGD, 24 RsLN, and 2 RsG12#
Mazovski with 20 RsLN, 16 RsLN, 2 Rs12#, and Rs6#
Gallitzin with 12RsLC, 12 RsLC, 12 RsLC, and Rs6#

Right Wing:
Lambert with 16 RsLN, 16 RsLN, 16 RsLN and 2 Rs12#
Uvarov with 12 RsHC, 12 RsLC, 12 RsLC, 20 RsCLC, and Rs6#
Kollogrivov with 12 RsGHC and RsG6#

Nearby and able to enter the game table top on short notice (one or two turns):
Left Wing:
Somorov with 20RsLN, 20 RsLN and Rs12#
Platov with 20 RsCLC, 20 RsCLC, 20 RsCLC and 2 Rs6#

Right Wing:
Sacken I 16 RsGN, 20 RsLN, 16 RsLN, Rs6# and 2 Rs12#
Lavrov 20 RsLN, 16 RsLN, 2 Rs6# and 2 Rs12#
Doctorov 20 RsLN, 16 RsLN and Rs12#


Grimsby Mariner said...

Now it's my turn to wish I was on your side of the pond!

Looking good Murdock.

MurdocK said...

Thank you for the comment!

Do you have any other thoughts?

Have you played the Avalon Hill Napoleon's Battles rules?

Any thoughts about attracting 'new' players to games?

Grimsby Mariner said...

I've always found Avalon Hill, along with so many other board games, comes down to number crunching. Working out 1:2, 1:3 ratios never appealed.

attract new players - keep it simple but visually pleasing. In the past big games seem to have the opposite effect on newbies "I'll never paint as well as that/afford all those figures/find the time to read a book" type of thing.

MurdocK said...

Interesting comment about the 'number crunching'.

In a process to eliminate some of that I have 'rounded down' the point values of the game objectives. I have it to a point now where a 'victory' will be known by one and all without resort to a calculator.

Good thoughts about new players, the concept of 'simple' is fine but at what price to the 'simulation'. I guess this comes down to the playability and realism argument, like between Steve Jackson and Nick Schuessler.