Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Whew, commentary response takes little time to come here.

I have had a question about the 'casting' portion of my first post.

The castings I make are from Prince August Moulds.

I mentioned the castings as I wanted to showcase that it is more than possible to create a very eye-pleasing tabletop presentation with the PA castings. Also that the PA castings stand-up very well next to others by such as the Foundry, Dixon or Old Glory.

The first sample picture is of originals by Foundry (the Marshal) and I think Dixon (the Dragoon character piece, wiping his brow).

This posting shows some PA Russians, with PA gun and Minifigs Gunners. The Infantry and Gun are my castings. All are my painting.

The other image is of PA Cavalry, Cheveux-Leger (in white) used as Russian Cuirass (the armor no longer worn by the Napoleonic period made the castings work out well) and French Dragoons defending some great coated infantry in bicornes by Old Glory. The bicornes are supposed to be Russians, but since many nations used the bicorne throughout the period I like using these greatcoat boys as anyone needed on the tabletop.

Again the purpose here is to show that the PA minis work well with other makers.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Sure, the Prince August moulds are great if you are doing Napoleonics . . . but I'm building a SYW army in 28mm (not the 40mm size available from PA).

Besides, the RSM figures are priced so attractively that I doubt it would be all that economically feasible for me to buy moulds and metal to cast my own.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Yes, well not all fantasies are fulfilled by PA, but so long as you have found your source, then you are in good hands.