Sunday, September 17, 2006

Greetings again,

I have gotten some emails to post more pics, but since I am busy right now having to finish my Prussians for a re-fight of Auerstadt on the 200th anniversary and the partner I had in the project has backed out, I find I need to pain another division of 4 infantry regiments, 2 grenadier regiments, 3 cavalry regiments and a commander figure. This will all need to be done by October 1st, for a full playtest I had hoped to stage, but MUST be done by October 13th, as the 200th is on the 14th of October, as many may already know.

So here are the stages of work pics, just to satisfy the demand for imagery...

You may note that all the minis are mounted to small metal 'fender washers', this is so that the troops can be attached to the bases via magnets.

I may do some more exposition of the troops in action after the games planned for the end of September and 1st of October.


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