Saturday, September 30, 2006

Well like Grimsby Wargaming blog has done I think the idea of expressing painting plans is a great idea.

So here goes:

Between now and December I plan to paint:

4x12 man units of Russian Dragoons (I finally have the minis).
2x12 man units of Russian Cossacks (I may have another helping here, maybe not).
4x16 man units of 'Greatcoat' Infantry in Bicornes (they are Russians but I have extra flag carriers, so I can use them as anybody).
Finish some projects I started them about three months ago:
** 16 man French Light Infantry unit
** 6 Warhammer Bretonnian Knights on horseback.
** the 12xKisslev Kossavars and leader woman.
** the Titan.

In December I plan to do some 'specialty' painting:

Napoleon Bonaparte (mounted) in ridingote with Roustam
Marshal Murat (mounted in his 'King of Naples' garb)
Marshal Ney (mounted)
3x French Marshals (or Generals)
Mounted Horse Artillery Officer
all by Foundry

These will be a pleasure to paint and I plan to 'lavish' some time on them all.

January will be back to the grindstone, as these will need to be done by February 20th or so:
10x Russian Foot artillery Batteries and 30x Russian Gunners
36x French Horse Artillerymen (so that my horse guns will actually be crewed correctly)
5x12 man French Dragoon units

All of the Napoleonics mentioned above needs to be done in time for a staging of EYLAU on February 24th.

Following all of this activity I think I will have a little rest and maybe 'play' for a while.

Plans for 2007 do include looking into the many Ottomans that I got from a convention a year or two ago...


Grimsby Mariner said...

Looking good Murdock. Enjoy painting Nappy and friends - it's nice to do a "deep" figure every now and again to break up the repition of rank of file.

MurdocK said...

Absoutely grimsby,

I like to vary the troops I paint also. A bit of infantry, some cavalry then an artillery followed by some slow time taken on a command stand.

Unfortunately my other activities (life -- don't talk to me about life!) keep getting in the way of more painting, let alone actually getting the troops on the table and pushing some lead.

Keep on BLOGGIN'