Saturday, December 29, 2007


So this post will be a continuation of the current project of some more Infantry and one force of Light Dragoons.

This time I chose to take closer pics of a few minis to show some of the progress.

Nothing done today on the horses, as I wanted to get the men all ready for their ink layers at the same time as the horses get theirs.

For those asking I use Liquitex and GOLDEN acrylics from tubes, commonly called 'poster paints', I think.

I mix all my own colours, so matching in the future will simply be a matter of testing the new mix'n'match with the old one.

I had used the little pots of paint from Plaka "Poly S" ones and some from Testors and from GW, the problem was a constant need to either 'thin out' the ever thickening paint or to do some of my own mixing anyways to get the shading right.

So I have given up on the little pots that are always going dry and use the tubes, the cost is lower and I find that my speed and quality of painting have both improved. At first I was thinking that I was going to go slower with all the extra mixing I had to do, but a little eyedropper (from an old bottle of green ink) and a large plastic coated palette have contributed to a faster, not a slower system of paint applications.

Happy New Brush Year!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Whew! We've had family here for the past 8 days . . . not the same ones the whole time, five different sets, several overlapping.

Anyway we're exhausted . . . and I obviously haven't had a chance to do anything hobbywise.

I like the closer looks at your painting progress by the way.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

well Jeff this means you survived another 'silly season'

back to the tabletop in 2008.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Lani is trying to fight off a "bug" that one of the sick kids left us (we had an awful lot of people through here).

One of the things I'm thinking about for late Spring or Summer is a 25mm "Hordes" Campaign. You might want to pass that info on. I'll have loaner armies, of course, but it is always better to have one of your own.

Right now I'm just taking care of my lady and hoping that I don't come down with it too.

-- Jeff