Saturday, December 22, 2007

X-mas painting project:

Some light Dragoons (for early peninsular British and other actions), a couple of Spanish//Portuguese formations of 'irregular' forces (also good as Austrian Landwehr), a large force of Jagers or Grenzers along with another troop (with extra foot command//brigadiers) in tricornes that will end up with white coats!

(just for Jeff of course)

I was too busy with little boys and other preparations over the past few days to post, and I have not yet done the graphics for me magnets ideas. So those posts will have to wait while I get some much needed paint-time in!

This lot will feature more horses, so once again you will get to see that 'fast' painting method for horses.


Bluebear Jeff said...

*grumble*, *grumble*, *sigh* . . .

Well, at least you are painting a few tricorned figures . . . not enough, of course . . . better watch out or you might find some coal in a stocking.

Just kidding, of course. Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful Yuletime.

-- Jeff

PS, a "Happy Birthday" to Marcus

MurdocK said...

Hey now!

Those spanish//austrian inserrecto are just as much correct for the tricorne period as the shako!

And I recall many of your troops do not have tri-cornered headgear either!

The Yule log was comfy and Marcus had some fun (till nearly 2 am!)


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, but the troops I'm using as "stand-ins" are from earlier in the 18th century . . . and you are the one who wished to start our "Wars for Arcadian Glory" in 1700 . . . for which those hats were correct!

We have family visiting from Alberta . . . and their 21-month old daughter is sweet, but a bit of a trial. I'm not sure how any of us survived at that age.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

And many in the eastern european states (where my imagi-nation is) did not use the 'standard' head-dress - almost never, even in the later periods they continued with the 'national' or 'regional' or 'tribal' ones.

Thus my loose capped irregulars also 'fit' entirely in the period.

The 'high-sided' coreshut (corsican hat) was also used in the period by Jagers and so also fits. Also the 'Tarleton', while not taking on that name until let in the period, was used by a few nations much earlier by light cavalry and some light infantry.

All of this meaning that I am actually painting ALL of the current batch of troops that can work in the Wars for Arcadian Glory games.