Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow and more SNOW!

I managed to get some finishing work done on the 'gift' items (that I will post pics of later, after they are presented in person).

Along the way though we got 47 cm (over 18" for those imperial folks of snow. This is unusual for this area, and today we expect 5-8 cm more (another 2-3").

I had to dig out our car so that my bride could go to work...I chose to cancel my plans.

Later I needed to dig out room to cut firewood, not so bad as we get to have a warm place to 'watch' the snow fall from.

Finally another dig-out so that my wife could get home, she then went out to a performance of the Nutcracker with our middle son (4 years old).

Upon her return I took some photos of the general situation.

This morning, brings more snow and the threat of freezing rain...looks like my brushes might get to work on finishing more projects! (look for pics tonight).


Bluebear Jeff said...


We've got a similar amount of snow here (about a half hour drive south of you).

Perhaps not quite as much . . . but close. This mid-Vancouver Island section has been the hardest hit according to the TV . . . but we still have power. It has dimmed a few times, but we still have it.

We shoveled our driveway clear a number of times yesterday, but didn't today (and there's currently about 15" sitting there).

And, oh yeah, it is still snowing. And we are not planning on going anywhere for a few days.

Pete was thinking of coming over here Monday night to play . . . but I think that might best be postponed until Tuesday evening.

-- Jeff

Steve said...

...gents - you keep warm and use the excuse to put your feet up with a fine glass, and a good book or a warm paintbrush!

MurdocK said...

I'll take that paintbrush!

Sadly only a couple of items are on the agenda right now and I *must* finish the re-org of the office. Today is as good as any other.

Thanks steve