Monday, December 31, 2007

Diplomacy is done.

For now I have resigned from that little Diplomacy game.

The first difficulty came in one player not understanding the orders issuing proceedures, then missing the very first move of the game.

The game moderator did the right thing and put the player's nation into civil disorder and left the pieces where they started.

The player then whined and got a 'do over' that was bolluxed up and was in any event a totally wrong-headed decision in my view, though only three other players spoke up and to my knowledge only two were in favor of allowing this.

Then we completely re started, well not really 'completely' we were supposed to go on with prior things negotiated, but since the player's nation was NOT COMMUNICATING at all during the first phases of the first try this was not the right thing to do. Moreover I thought that we should have randomly 're-set' our nations, but the others just wanted to get on with it.

Sigh, the first decision was the right one and I stand by the moderator for making it.

The crap that followed just started to piss me off and rather than become difficult I resigned from the situation, as this way I reduce my stress and do not hand over any to anyone else.

The game is still a good one and in my humble view best played "IN PERSON".

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