Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Final run of brushworks for now:

At last I have cleared all the backlog of painting works.

The TITAN is finished as are a little 'mob' that I plan to use in the coming Peninsular Conflicts game at Dak-Kon in February 2008.

I was unable (too tired) to post this progress picture of the mob and gunners on monday night, they were just about to get the gloss coating. You can see the 'dauber' I use rather than the 'dip' and 'fling' process. I am unwilling to try the 'fling' part since I have the minis stuck to the painting sticks it makes 'dipping' rather hard also. So I have adopted a cotton ball stuck between two sticks, held in place with old elastics, to use as my polyshades applicator, then I wipe off excess. So far the system has only had one blunder with too much polyurethane left on one white coat (making it rather brown, like the poor man had fallen into the mud!).

Interestingly the progress report arrived in the post today and my eldest son Alex's name was on it. He was absolutely tickled and read through it avidly, then got a pen and was ready to make the t-shirt order along with getting his membership confirmed! He wants to attend both days this year...we shall see as he is still only 8 and needs that sleep time or can be a real bear the next day.

Check out Dak-Kon information board and my little page for them.


rpardo said...

Waiting to see your "mob" butchering "gabachos" (French) in a Peninsular War game..... (it's only a game, isn't it?)

Bluebear Jeff said...


Surely there must be more Tricorne troops somewhere that need your paintbrush.

Congratulations to Alex (which brings to mind the Burtzenians, of coures).

Pete and I had to postpone our battle until next week. He had to work (and then my wife ended up in hospital).

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Oh my Jeff!

Take good care of your bride!

MurdocK said...

Yes rpardo the mob has such plans, since in that scenario they have 'fanatic' status and will never fail their morale...sadly I think once the "gabachos" clue into this they will assault the mob...meaning that unless they are really lucky the mob are the ones likely to be butchered.

Yes Jeff I do have many ready to be cleaned, fixed to fender washers (have them too), onto sticks and painted. However the cleaning/clearing project takes precedence right now.

I should be back to painting fully by next week or after the 15th at the latest.