Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ambitious Plans for 2008:

These may end up being too ambitious, but then here goes:

Minimum: Casting, basing and painting 400 British for early Peninsular Action; and 48 Portuguese for a game to be played in August 2008 = Vimero. (I may have to add a few French to the 16 regiments needed, but I am reasonably certain that I have enough blue coated French to cover these needs). Some of the Britishers will be done for commercial sale at a couple of consignment places and online (in order to pay for the casting metal and supplies for the others).

Target: All of the above "Minimum" and : At a minimum casting by end of September: Austrians: 48 Hussars, 24 Jagers, 60 Grenadiers, 560 Line Infantry, 8 Grenzers, 48 Landwehr, 20 Volunteers, 20 Cheveauxlegers, 4 Uhulans, 24 Cuirassiers, 12 Dragoons, 3 Heavy Foot Guns, 10 Foot Guns, 5 Horse Guns, 57 Gunners. All of these Austrians are for use in 2009 at Aspern-Essling & Wagram games planned for the spring, summer and fall of 2009 (with a Talevera to cap it all off!). These are more of the bi-centennials of primary Napoleonic Battles. Though if I can find 2-6 internet players for the 5th Coalition game(s) then the battles faught may not be at exactly the same places as they were historically!
Any takers?
eMail me at:

Outrageous: Casting, painting and basing all the Austrians needed for the coming 2009 games by December 31 2008! This, of course, would leave plenty of room for finishing the tabletop games plans and sorting out the strategic elemens for the 5th Coalition Campaign plans!

Feel free to attack these very ambitious plans as I know they are a real stretch for only 1 year as well as having a life and keeping gainfully employed or otherwise feeding my hungry army of a family.


rpardo said...

Very ambitious! How do you'll do the casting?... the figures willl be 15mm or 20mm? I would be interested if they were 20mm

Bluebear Jeff said...


I know Murdock has 25mm Prince August molds . . . and when I've been to his place, we've played 25mm, so that's what I presume he'll be casting.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Yes sorry Rafa, the minis are all 25mm, some are closer to 28, some more like 22 but they are all the larger ones.

I started out in 15mm ancients 13 years ago and still have those but after trying out some 15mm Napoleonics I found that I did not get as much out of the painting of these smaller soldiers, nor did they 'display' as well as the 25mm ones do.

After finding Prince August moulds and doing some moulds of my own I found that I have been able to assemble the desired masses without too great an expense. Doubly so when I have been able to sell some finished works (at least to pay for the raw materials of the new ones).

abdul666 said...

Will you give the Tricorns the push in 2008?


rpardo said...

What a pity.... Luck with your project!

Bluebear Jeff said...


I checked out Rafa's blog/website. He's in Spain and games in 20mm . . . so that is what his "what a pity" comments referred to, I think.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

You're totally nuts! You'll never be able to do all that!

Just kidding :-)
Good luck! I'll be happy with my own progress if I can manage a small fraction of what you have planned.

MurdocK said...

What do you mean 'the push'? for Tricornes?

Will I do some pushing of lead wearing tricornes?

YES, most likely At Jeff's table, and since I have so many white uniformed Austrians already they may end up forming part of the Austrian contingents in the games (or perhaps the white coated Saxons at Wagram?)
YES, I will also use them (tricornes) in the big game planned for this February at Dak-Kon.

Will I be casting and painting many more?

NO, not it 2008, possibly in 2009, but again things are looking more like Shako's than Tricornes in the future progress. I have many tricornes that need finishing, and this early part of the year I plan to fill in the time in January and early February with some of these troops, including a light cavalry that I will be painting as British Light cav from the early Peninsular.

So does that answer you?

MurdocK said...

thank you Rafa!

I wish you well in your project development also!

Have you considered hooking up with some internet players for 'setting up' your solo battles?

MurdocK said...

fitz-badger I know that I am nuts, but that just makes it all the more fun!

abdul666 said...

Glad to read that Boyardvina, Burtzenia and Mieczyslaw will not fall in a year-long slumber!


tidders said...

Good luck with your ambitious projects

-- Allan