Friday, January 24, 2014

Thinking out loud ...

Napoleon at work
I have been examining the game play options going forward at the local and nearby regional conventions.

None of them include strategic or what I would call campaign level games.  Plenty of single battlefields, from Hausen-Teugen to Waterloo in the Napoleonic era and others. 

There are some that have boardgames, and while this does include the strategic element, the miniatures 'feel' of the tabletop is completely lacking.

My first thought was to put out a call to those whom I knew had the minis to support multiple games and see if they would be willing to stage a 'campaign' or perhaps a 'mini-campaign' to try it all out at the coming year's Salute convention.

Then an even bigger idea came ... what about reaching out to the Napoleonic tabletop community that I have contact with world-wide, via this blog, and see what the appetite was for an online version of a campaign style game?  Where they could take command of troops in hand, with their local players or via such remote means as Skype or old fashioned e-mail?  Though the Skype options allows for near real-time battlefield adjustments.

The idea being to re-create the convention-like game experience without having to travel, or haul all our minis and terrain?

There you have it dear reader ... tell me what you feel you could do? - or what pitfalls you see this having?

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