Sunday, January 19, 2014

ECW planning

Robert Devereux 3rd Earl of Essex
With the recent arrival of more 30 years war minis, for use as regimental commanders, and pressure from Jeff to 'get on with the ECW' materials I have the general plan to assemble and paint the Parliamentary forces for my ECW collection - ideally they will face off against Jeff's Royalists to start with, then I will be able to assemble my own Royalist opposition in years to come.

The overview of the forces come from the Edgehill Campaign:

Robert Devereux Earl of Essex III

William Russell Earl of Bedford - Horse
The Lord General's Regiment
Sir William Balfour's Regiment
Lord Felding's Regiment
Colonel John Browne's Dragoons
Colonel James Wardlawe's Dragoons

Sir William Balfour - Lt. Gen of Horse
Sir John Ramsey - Commissary General of Horse

(there are detached cuirassier, dragoon and commanded musketeers in cavalry noted commands)

Sir John Merrick - Foot (not sure if he was present at Edgehill or not)

Sir John Meldrum - Brigadier
Lord Saye & Sele's Regiment - Blue
Lord Robartes' Regiment - Red lined yellow
Sir William Constable's Regiment - Blue
Sir William Fairfax's Regiment - Grey

Charles Essex - Brigadier
Charles Essex's Regiment - Tawny lined Yellow
Sir William Chomley's Regiment - Blue
Lord Mandeville's Regiment - Blue
Lord Wharton's Regiment - Grey

Thomas Ballard - Brigadier
The Lord General's Regiment - Orange
Lord Brooke's Regiment - Purple
Thomas Ballard's Regiment - Grey lined white
Denzil Holle's Regiment - Red

Henry Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough - General of Ordinance
Philibert Emmanuel Du-Bois - Lt. General of Ordinance (effective commander of Artillery)

The coat colors are mentioned for the foot.

Four more Brigadiers are needed, as planned for by Jeff, so I am adding:

Phillip Skippon
Edward Massey
Randall Mainwaring
Sir Phillip Stapleton

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