Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Shiny new books = ECW & SHAKO II

Now back from Terra incognito, with a pit-stop at Imperial Hobbies in Richmond, BC.

English Civil War titles
While there I discovered an English Civil War book by Canadian Wargamers Group, published in 1998, that covers the whole of the period, has a tabletop tactical system and a campaign system that deals with the politics and economics of the period.  Plenty to study!

Along with the Osprey Campaign series #116: First Newbury 1643.

Jeff may be pleased to see such material pressuring me forwards!

SHAKO version 2
I have also decided to pick up the Version 2 of SHAKO.  I am reasonably certain that I had most of the data from the web and various playtest connections I have had with Chris Leach -AND- I felt it was time to formally setup on SHAKO II systems.

Much reading to do now, that Jeff has also moved forward the Pulp Alley minis games.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I am pleased with your ECW books . . . and while I am looking forward to playing some Pulp Alley, I have certainly not abandoned the ECW.

I just wanted something immediate (due to upcoming resumption of chemotherapy) and there was too much to paint/prepare for me to get the ECW finished in time.

I am curious about the Canadian Wargamer's Group rules. I had looked into getting some but they are apparently out-of-print . . . so I'm glad that you found a copy, sir.

-- Jeff

daveb said...

Curiously enough, I was looking for CWG rules a few days ago online. I managed to find a site that sells pdfs. Not ideal perhaps, but still available....