Saturday, January 18, 2014

Garde Impériale III

Guard Artillery by L&F Funcken
The Guard expansion is almost complete.

Today, as I took these photos of the finished work on the current 2 battalions of guardsmen, a horse battery and 6 batteries of foot guard artillery, I realized that I am very nearly complete on the French, Russian, Austrian, Prussian and British forces that I had set out to create some 10 years ago.

When the next 4 artillery pieces are finished painting, I believe that the time will have come to have a Guard review.  Weather permitting maybe even out in the garden?

final stage of painting, the metallic parts are done and gloss coating applied

I believe these are Hinchliffe model of guardsmen, with a minifig officer in the center

Horse artillery by minifig, gun model by Prince August and officers (mounted) by Foundry

more of the gun - this officer will draw attention for certain

foreground Prince August Guardsmen, background Guard Foot artillery

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Rafael Pardo said...

Great! Waiting for the full review