Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SHAKO pickup game

Had an opportunity to put together a sudden pickup game of SHAKO (version I, as I have not yet had time to read version II) with a relatively new player.

My opponent wanted to have 'the rifles' (being a Sharpe fan) so I put together a 1:1 meeting battle set somewhere in Spain (1808-14).

British command, co-located with artillery

French command, behind the line between the two towns

Royal foot artillery

British Horse

The Light Division

French Center

The heavy division, after some confused re-adjustments in getting moving

table action

Turn 3, British horse was in trouble, facing cannon and foot in houses

the Rifles and Voltigeurs took each other out of action

turn 6 saw the big French Cavalry charge, after taking artillery casualteis

by turn 7 the score was French : 2 :: British : 0

The Light Division was tasked with storming the town

they could not get any disorder to stick on the French defenders of the town, and by turn 7 there was a relief column of French on their way

The Light Division grimly held on, losing half their number by turn 14
The battle was close fought, taking a total of 16 turns to finally resolve, final score French 4 :: British 2.

Good way to spend an afternoon with dice, music and conversation.

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