Saturday, March 09, 2013

Some Pike and Shotte

Diversions, lots of them appear from time to time.

I have been going over the 'pile o lead' and re-encountered some things that had been under planning and/or consideration.

This post is to focus on some English Civil War (ECW) pike & shot, horse, and Scots that I have re-encountered.  They were packed in Essesx, Dixon and Hinchliffe boxes, but I am reasonably sure they are not from those manufacturers.  I share some quick photos (a little out of focus on one) to help in the identification process.

The selection of pike and shot with an officer and drummer

The horse, with an armored torso and non, 4 heads and arms including a trumpeter

The Scots, including more pike and some different riders (no arms/heads swapping needed)
The peasants, clearly they are from a different manufacturer as they are smaller, come with shields and empty hands for holding spears or pikes (or could be used as artillerymen?)

Maybe those of you out in the internet land that recognize these blokes could leave a comment about them?


John Hollier said...

The first two photos - infantry and cavalry are both Essex. I recognize them from my own "pile o'lead"!!

MurdocK said...

Essex for the first two sets.

Could the Scots be the same? They have similar pattern to them (though being in kilts).

Thanks John.