Friday, March 22, 2013

Austrian Napoleonic Uniforms - Army of Infantry on parade

With the completion of the foot, I decided to roll out the whole of the Kaiserlicks that I have so far ...

320 minis in all so far wearing the white coats of Austria

The troops are on fender washers, then stuck to metal bases with magnets.  A strip of grass paper is between the man and the magnet.

I have brigaded the troops by helmet styles for the photo

It is only when you have lots of them on the table that the really cool effects get seen

some detail of the helmet wearing Austrian infantry of early 1800's
A greatly expanded command staff, including the sky blue coated engineer seen with the commander here

Okay enough looking back, onto the cavalry of Austria, Prussia & France.


James Fisher, FINS said...

Fantastic effort MurdocK, they look great!

MurdocK said...

Thanks James.

Now to see some on the table in combat simulation soon.

Will be watching for your team efforts in the 1813 games coming soon from down under.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Splendid army! You can see why the Austrian is my favorite non-French Napoleonic Army, eh? I'm not sure that the French themselves come ahead of it, neither. The white coats have a martial presence like no other.

MurdocK said...

Indeed Ion,

Even Bonaparte remarked at how smart the Austrian 'mice' looked when first arriving in the field.

He even started to dress some of the French and allied troops in white uniforms in 1809. Partly due to a lack of dye.

After they had a few battle encounters though the reason for not having the white uniforms became clear.

The mess from casualties is better covered up by the dark blue uniform. It soaks up the blood and shows less. This is important when considering the army of France after 1812, mostly conscripts. Such an army has morale challenges ... something that was found out quickly with the white uniform test.

All the same, with our tabletop armies such considerations are not needed. The Austrian army has that sharp presentation that stands out on the tabletop.