Monday, March 11, 2013

Austrian Napoleonic Uniforms Infantry & Artillery WIP #1

Base coated on their panting sticks for handling
I always mount the minis onto fender washers now, so that they will be ferrous-magnetic and stick to the magnets in my basing system.  The advantage to this is that the minis are also more stable for single use, as has been called for time to time by my boys (who like the Grant style games better on the dining room table).

The Prince August guns take some time to cast right, yet once turned out they are great
The assembly line take a day or two to set up, yet once done everything paints faster, no more dropped minis due to cramped hands holding the bases.

field works basket in progress
I finished the green stuff basket and mounted it for painting in this lot ... if it works well then I may make up another 11 or so of them to make an even dozen.

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