Monday, March 18, 2013

Austrian Napoleonic Uniforms Infantry & Artillery WIP 6

Infantry & Artillery WIP - out in sun awaiting gloss coat
Nearing the finish line with this load of white coats.

Today the metallic layer was done and details and final highlights.

I paused to get a photo of the lot out in the sunshine this afternoon, just before the gloss coating spray was done.

You can see the 'sticks' that I mount the mini to for handling during the painting process, I put them on with a watered down white glue (like the children use in primary school for paper)  so that they will pop off the sticks later.

This body of troops now rounds out the Austrian infantry.

Up next on the Napoleonic troops list are loads of cavalry, for Austria, Prussia and some French Allies.

Along the way I will also have some Imperial Guard foot artillerymen and a few extra horse artillery for the Guard also.

the whole lot of Austrians just before the gloss spray in the sunshine


Rafael Pardo said...

A nice parade!

MurdocK said...

Thanks Rafa,

They are not so drilled yet, looking more like a bunch of skirmishers than an army ...

Mike said...

Can you really ever have too many Austrians? Looking good. I'm working on Russian cav right now, then back to the Austrians.

MurdocK said...

Well the Austrians were the main opponents for the French through the whole period.

This makes my second Napoleonic era Austrian army and third counting the tricornes done a few years ago.

Storage limits caused a sell-off a couple of years ago, now replacing the sold ones.

Given that I have taken on the big three France, Austria & Russia it makes for large armies all the time.

With the smaller Brit forces and the allied troops that I have done, the only one missing for handling the whole of the era are the Ottomans ... I have some models and doing some planning on that front.

Awesome on your Russian efforts!