Friday, September 28, 2012

Larger Mapping sample

More progress on the Cyberboard tools for Leipzig.
A sample Map for Leipzig campaign, standard symbols in the center with 'alternate' versions to the southeast

This time I have put out the full map from Hamburg and Wurtzburg in the west to Graudenz and Blansko in the east.

On the map are a mix of the French units (as troops and 'eagle' markers - used when there is limited information about the forces present), as octagons and standard military symbols with some other 'flag' markers (as possible other notes or HQ or supply information) and also national flags for similar purposes.

These are for examination and I would like to get some feedback on what folks might like to see in the 'game data' area.


Jiminho said...


The map is very nice. I prefer the traditional square symbols for army formations. The symbols based on photos of figures are pretty but I think that they will clutter the map too much (as irregular forms). especially since this map already has a lot of information in it and a Leipizig campaign will fill the map with unit symbols.

I suppose the game data area can show the various corps commands and in very general terms the size of their formation (just the minimal intelligence of army size and structure that the enemy would have?).

I find it hard to pick out details on the map (it is quite grainy as I see it on my screen) so it is hard to say much more than that...


MurdocK said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the feedback.

For the grainy-ness, have you selected to open the image in a new window of your browser? I did save it as a medium density .jpg so it is possible that some compression would cause the image to get 'fuzzy'.

I am torn between the strict military symbols and the more pictographic minis. Ultimately the lack of many Austrian and Prussian units may tilt the scale in favor of the symbols.

For the 'blanks' or 'unknown' data I am now favoring making a new symbol with either the flags or 'eagles' in it - I have a bronze eagle for the Russians, a black eagle for the Prussians and Silver and Gold lions for Austria and Sweden. I may even do up a silver Eagle for the French 'allies' like Poland and Bavaria.

For the 'data' about the formations I plan to have very little when they are far away from each other, like 6 hexes or more, once they are closer or detected then more data is available - with Cyberboard I can put that data right on each symbol in the game.

Send me an email to : and I will send you my working Cyberboard file. This way you can experiment with the parts for yourself.