Monday, September 03, 2012

Garden Wars - Italians vs Russians #1

a title image, made from a photo that I have done in watercolors - playing on Photoshop
This battle was something of a pickup game in design.  The plan was to permit my eldest son to have an attempt to recapture a Russian Guard Horse Battery that I captured from him last year.

The other action I wanted to feature in this battle report is the Battle Chronicler reporting.

The whole Russian Position

There is still a learning curve for the Battle Chronicler, there may be more mapping changes, so far I have the Russian deployment for the battle.

Russian Left Flank closer view ...
Russian Left Flank - in the field ... the shadows are from the deck rails.

Sleep is calling now, I shall resume the reporting and add more pictures of this Garden Wars day that saw TWO (2!) actions played out! 

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