Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Garden Wars I AAR 2

Garden Wars game September 3, 2012

Picking up the battle on turn 9, the Russian Guard had started to make its presence known, so the French were now going to have to get the victory or face an ever-increasing tide of Russians....

The full field on turn 9
An overview of the situation for turn 9:  The French Heavy Cavalry was now pressing hard to cross the river at the sheltered spot that could permit them to outflank the town ... the Cossacks facing them were also getting orders to re-position.

In the center, the town was now in French hands, with a new 'gun line' planned and the Italian Guard were going to prepare that ground.

On the left, the French Light Cavalry were now faced by Russian Dragoons...

The center was now dominated by the Army of Italy
From behind the left, the Russian Guardsmen and Lifeguard Cavalry were riding to the rescue ...

Russian relief columns, Guard on the lower half, Dragoons to the upper left
Russian Guard Grenadiers, marching in columns to reach the town

The French Light Cavalry, chasseurs and lancers did not hesitate, for they did not wish to be caught in flank or rear - they pressed the issue of dominance on the flank immediately.

Russian Dragoons and French Chasseurs & Lancers facing off
The French Light Cavalry was still wounded from the earlier efforts breaking squares, taking artillery batteries and having casualties from those engagements, while the Russian Dragoons were coming in fresh.  The contest was over in an instant for the badly mauled Chasseurs while the Lancers proved more resilient, falling back to the river ford.

French Lancers recoil to the river ... looking to rally
those Lancers never did rally ... the Dragoons took the captured artillery back!

Meanwhile in the center, the Italian divisions were crossing the river in force now.

Russian view of the coming hordes of the Army of Italy
Crossing the river in force, Italian Grenadiers and Guardsmen up close
A wider view of the crossings, with the Heavy Cavalry seen on the far left
pouring over the river - as seen from above
Pleased with progress, Eugene - Viceroy of Italy (in foreground) - watches the Army of Italy crossing
Only three more battalions needed to be overcome and the Russians would be thrown out of the area, Eugene, Viceroy of Italy, considered the Cossacks the best target to get those kills.  A new order was prepared to launch the Heavy Cavalry after them once they had crossed the river.

Turn 10 consisted of a position consolidation.

The Army of Italy continued to press across the river and form a new line ... with spaces for artillery, which was now also in motion across the river.

The town center was now being crossed in force by French troops
The Army of Italy was across the river, with a new battle line staked out ...
All the while the Russian Guard & Life Guard Cavalry advanced, still not at their assigned stopping points.  The Dragoons that had captured the gun battery and shattered the French Light Cavalry were now resting ... in preparation to strike at the Italians now coming over the river.

Russian Dragoons resting after capturing the artillery, the 'blown' horse can be seen in the rear of the unit.
Those Dragoons, once rested launched a devastating attack on the Italian Grenadiers, who were caught in LINE and in the FLANK!

Italian Grenadiers caught in line and enfilade by Russian Dragoons
Italian Grenadiers are crushed by Russian Dragoons, final score 11-6 : 5 casualties!  The remainder of the unit fled the field.

Even though the Division lost 1/2 of their number the Guardsmen remained with their artillery and continued to establish the new gun line.

Army of Italy moves forward to new gun line positions, in the distance French Hussars can be seen driving deep into the Russian line of communication with their Cossacks
Turn 12 was another one of some consolidation, for though the Dragoons could have reformed and possibly pressed on again, they were now blown and the closest Italian unit was the Guard, now in square, with other squares nearby to support it.

The field overview, Russians now turned out of the position


Archduke Piccolo said...

These garden battles look mighty! Pity about the fence, but I guess you can't have everything. I'm betting thy have a whole different flavour from table top games.

MurdocK said...

They have been at times!

Fence? The shadows are of the deck railing, September has a lower sun angle here (on the 50th parallel) so the shadows are just part of the challenge in getting clear pictures of the game. Hence a reason for going in closer and firing up the flash.

You can see the deck somewhat in the last photo of part three.

Archduke Piccolo said...

I sometimes forget that even in Christchurch we are closer to the equator than most of Europe and a fair bit of the USA (let alone Canada!).

Having said that, I enjoyed the photo narrative, and look forward to more... though I guess as this year fades into winter for youse jokers, we might have to wait 6 months or so...