Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Garden Wars - The Field of Battle

One aspect of the Battle Chronicler experiment that I am doing is that I have had to actually measure the battlefield area and accurately place the 'un-mowed' sections of the lawn (that we use as 'woods' and 'forest') relative to the somewhat 'fuzzy' borders to the game 'table' area.

For the meeting engagement I did on the 3rd of September, I found that the 'table' was 30 feet by 24 feet.

The full Garden Wars 'field of battle'

Now I get to show why I like being able to use the Battle Chronicler system, for when you look at the 'overview' of the field from the 'top down' perspective given in the software you can appreciate the whole of the situation.  Whereas from the 'best' photographic vantage point I could get, you have much more limited information.

Full field of action as seen from beyond the forest behind the Russian lines.
You can easily see the town, the line of the river and the forests ... the Russians outside the town are visible and the Cossacks to the right flank.  The French light cavalry (left in the shadows) and the heavy cavalry (right beyond the river) are somewhat visible, while the others are more difficult to see.  Note that even this information is well beyond what an Army Corps commander of the period might see or know of what exactly is going on in the field that they are commanding.

Now that I have all the data assembled I shall prepare a full account of the days actions.


Rafael Pardo said...

Waiting to hear the AAR....

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

and a very worthy field of battle it is too! Room to maneuver.