Friday, September 28, 2012

Borodino 'down under'

Image of the recapture of Borodino by Russians
On the 200th anniversary the Avon Napoleonic Fellowship played out the great battle of Borodino.

The battle account is summarized HERE.

Certainly a great day of tabletop action.


James Fisher, FINS said...

Thanks so much for posting the link to our battle report Murdock, you are most kind.

What's really amazing is that there were actually three Borodino games played that weekend in Australia and New Zealand and another in Aust. the weekend after!

I have put links to all four of these on the Wargaming Waterloo 1815 blog which is intended as record of as many of the wargaming activities in these bicentennial years as I can find (

MurdocK said...

Awesome that you have the players keen to get into the action!

I shall continue to follow your bicentennial efforts.

I have one of my own that is on a grander tableau, have you been looking at the Leipzig Campaign efforts that I have been posting about on the blog?

There would certainly be room for your groups' participation in any way you would like to partake.

James Fisher, FINS said...

I had only glanced at your Leipzig plans, until now. Sounds like a great idea!
We may be able to join in depending on how much time you'd need from various players.
Am I correct that you intend there to be commanders for map movement, players/groups playing out battles generated by the campaign on a tabletop (group or solo), plus some computer-generate outcomes?
Our main constraint will be available time outside our own plans. Our main focus is to do a big game based on Leipzig (hopefully at 1:50) in October 2013. I also hope that we'll be able to fit in a few of the earlier battles (Lützen, Bautzen and perhaps one or two of the battles prior to Leipzig).
We'll keep 'in touch' via your blog (and email) to see if we can be part of it.

MurdocK said...

You have the general situation exactly for the Campaign.

Please do share the information around your group as an active tabletop team would be a great addition to the project!