Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sculpting and Converting -Viceroy of Italy 2

At the suggestion of Ross Mac I have completed the conversion of a Chasseur trooper into a model for use as the Viceroy of Italy, Eugene de Beauharnais.

Conversion on the left - original on the right
So now the green stuff must harden and I will get on with the base coating tomorrow of the lot.

92 Russian Infantry in 7 battalions
6 Russian Personalities: Tsar, Bagration, Kutuzov, de Tolly, Benigsen and Platov
Viceroy, Dragoon Officer and Italian General with telescope

Here is an inspiration image for the Viceroy:

And a shot of the bare metal of all the Russian infantry ready to get mounted to the painting sticks (now done) so that the base coat and painting can be done.

They are not needed for the up coming Maloyaroslavets game, and I have wanted to be ready to field a large Russian foot force for some time.  This way I can put out two full Divisions for SHAKO.

Let me know what you think of my 'green stuff' work?

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