Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Found in the Mound o Lead = Russian Personalities

Russian Personalities minis by Old Glory
While searching for some Chasseur a Cheval castings that I had made a few years ago and had put into storage I came across a stash of 28mm Russian Personality miniatures: Tsar Alexander I , Kutusov, de Tolly, Bagration, Platov, and Benningson.

Really nice find and very timely now with the 1812 games looming - plus the potential for use in 2013 as part of a greater German set of campaign games (elements are still forming in my plans).

Just as I did with Bonaparte and the Marshals a few years ago, I plan to lavish some time on these minis to do them justice in future tabletop use.

Oh, and the Chasseur a Cheval minis?  I found them and plan to do a conversion of one of them into Eugène de Beauharnais for use in the Maloyaroslavets game this October.

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