Friday, August 03, 2012

Italian Forces - bare metal now

New shiny metal - French uniforms for Italians in green
With the Maloyaroslavets game plan for the October convention I have decided to fill out the multinational ranks of my French forces.

So for now the plans for expanding Russian infantry go on hold (the minis are mostly ready - however I cannot find any more Piano wire to use as flagpoles, so I have put them on hold till later this month when I will have a chance to source some suitable flag poles) and a different set of Green uniformed troops go onto the painting table.  For the moment they are just bare metal, next comes stick mounting and base coat.

I have also reviewed my forces for doing Waterloo in FPGA.  I may need some more artillery - certainly the guard.  So I shall take my hand to sculpting again, I shall cast the gunners from the standard molds that I have and put the bearskins on with some green stuff - which I plan to get later this month at the same time I source the flag poles.

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