Monday, August 06, 2012

Marching Russians

Marching Russian Columns
 The Russians did a lot of marching in 1812, mostly away from French pursuit.

Russia Command staff & ADC's

Here I have laid out the 250 minis that I have for the Russian forces, with about 20% more artillery than the French ones have committed.

The head of the Column with Dragoons leading the way

This number of troops will soon be expanded by another 100 with 7 battalions of Russians on the way, once I have sourced the flag poles for them.

Center of the column, Russian Guard standing in review of line troops passing on the road

Just as I did with the recent Bastille Day parade, I put out the Russian Guard unit (well Pavlov Grenadiers) that I have (yes I know that the flags are incorrect - I plan to print up some new ones before the Maloyaroslavets game in October).

Four Yards of minis

Pavlov Grenadiers
More Pavlov Grenadiers

This time the four yards of minis were mostly in column, with the rear guard of Cossacks and Hussars deployed to cover from the expected marauding French ...

Hussars covering the rear of the column

Cossacks on flank/rear guard, town in the distance

The view a French pursuit force might see of this column
a semi-aerial view of the column, Dragoons at top, Guard between the roads in town, Cossacks to the right bottom, Hussars on the bottom left.


David Cooke said...

These outside photos look great. I knew backyards were for something. :o)

MurdocK said...

Thank you for the compliment.

Feel free to share them around the web as you please!